How to select a French Door Refrigerator Without Water Dispenser?

Finding the best French door refrigerator without a water dispenser can be a little bit tricky at first. This is mainly due to the fact that most refrigerators these days are attempting to be more diverse and provide a much more mainstream number of features, of which this includes the functionality of a water dispenser on the fridge.

With the right tools and knowledge it is however possible to find the right French door refrigerator without water dispenser to help you get an idea of what might be the best one for you. There are still a wide variety of features that these fridges have and they are still strong competitors against those that do have a water dispenser.


What features do I want in my French Door Refrigerator?

So you may be asking yourself what this type of refrigerator should have exactly. For that most part they should operate on the same level as every other fridge and achieve those criteria, except they will omit the functionality of a dispenser of ice, cold and hot water. Here are a few features that you will want to investigate further:

  • Storage space
  • Energy efficiency
  • Price

Storage space is an important part of the fridge, as you want to determine how much space is appropriate for you. Larger families will definitely need a larger fridge. This also factors into the size of the French door refrigerator. You will need to check out your kitchen and see how much space you have to fit your refrigerator before selecting it.

You might also want to consider the energy efficiency of your French door refrigerator without water dispenser to keep your costs lower without inhibiting the usage. Some of the larger refrigerators can use up a lot more electricity and cost your more money, so finding out the energy usage and energy rating will help to keep those costs down.

Setting a base line for the price you are willing to pay will also keep your budget in check. Mid to high range French door refrigerators will cost from above $2,000, where you can expect a higher quality refrigerator for around $3,000. However you can still get good quality French door refrigerator for cheap closer to the price of $1,000.


What are some top quality French Door Refrigerators I should consider?


Samsung RF197 18 Cubic Foot French Door Refrigerator with 3 Doors and Integrated Water & Ice

Bestseller No. 1
Samsung Appliance RF28JBEDBSG 36" Energy Star Rated Food Showcase French Door Refrigerator in Black Stainless Steel
  • Total (Cu.Ft.): 27.8 / Fridge: 15.7 + 3.8 / Freezer: 8.3
  • Food ShowCase Door With Metal Cooling
  • FlexZone Drawer With Metal Cooling


This French door refrigerator has the capacity for 18 cubic feet of storage and comes with a twin cooling plus system with surround airflow to keep the fridge smelling clean because of the good ventilation. Additionally it has power freeze and power cool to give a quick blast of coolness as well as self-closing doors in case you forget to close it.

The lack of water dispenser on the outside is supplemented by an internal icemaker so that you can get quick ice when needed without having to mess around with an ice tray that spills. It comes in a few different colors as well so that you can style it to suit the specific theme of your kitchen and keep your appliances all looking in sync.

For the most part the benefits of this French door refrigerator are maintained in its lower price, ensuring that you still get quality at a lower price when compared to some of the other brands that cost much more. Additionally the smaller size makes it much more compatible with smaller apartments or homes without much storage space.


KitchenAid KFCS22EVMS Architect II Series Energy Star Counter Depth French Door

Bestseller No. 1
Samsung Appliance RF28JBEDBSG 36" Energy Star Rated Food Showcase French Door Refrigerator in Black Stainless Steel
  • Total (Cu.Ft.): 27.8 / Fridge: 15.7 + 3.8 / Freezer: 8.3
  • Food ShowCase Door With Metal Cooling
  • FlexZone Drawer With Metal Cooling


This French door refrigerator is available in stainless steel, black or white as the main color and comes with an interior water dispenser and ice dispenser that do not impact on the storage space. It has around 21.8 cubic feet of storage space with adjustable glass shelves, which can easily be cleaned, and a humidity controlled crisper.

One of the selling points of this French door refrigerator is the fact that it has counter depth for a much more affordable price those other alternatives which can range in prices over double than the price of this fridge. Additionally the fridge is also very quiet when compared to some others, which have a loud humming noise.

Customers love that this fridge has the capacity to be organized to suit the home, with excellent storage locations and space so that you can customize it to suit what you like best in your fridge Additionally the independent hinged doors let you open them with ease as opposed to large one door fridges which are much heavier.


Electrolux EI27BS16J 36″ Standard-Depth French Door Refrigerator with IQ-Touch Controls

FPBG2277RF | Frigidaire Professional Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator - Stainless Steel
  • PureAir Ultra(R) Filtration System: Fresh air offers great taste. PureAir(R) Filtration removes up to 7 times more odor than baking soda to keep ingredients tasting fresh.
  • SpacePro Shelving System: Offers quick access to fresh ingredients with organizational solutions designed for space optimization like SpacePro Slide-Under & Flip-Up Shelves and SpacePro Ajdustable Crisper Bins.
  • Smudge-Proof Stainless Steel: Resists fingerprints and cleans easily.


One of the larger French door refrigerators available that does not have an external water dispenser, it does h an internal ice maker as well as spill safe glass shelves and a humidity controlled crisper to keep your refrigerator smelling nice, organized accordingly and protected from any spills and food leftovers that might leave it dirty.

It also comes with IQ-Touch controls through a control panel that provides you with refrigerator options at all times so that you can tweak the settings and set it up to suit the types of items you will be storing in your fridge. Additionally the filtration system fosters a cleaner and hygienic fridge and LED lights provide excellent illumination.

One of the most favored features of this French door refrigerator without a water dispenser is the depth of it without including the doors, which is comprehensive and more than enough to store your food and perishables. Customers also enjoy that it is energy efficiency, easy to operate and has interchangeable settings in the control panel.



There are more French door refrigerators aside from the ones listed here that all provide a top quality brand of French door refrigerator without a water dispenser for varied prices. Ensure that you look into them as well if you want to find out more deals, but hopefully you’ll get everything you need to know from here before you do.