How to select a French door refrigerator without icemaker?

Most types of French door refrigerator come with icemaker, but there are ones that don’t come with it, which is specifically for people who don’t really need ice cubes or just want to make their own. These types are only slightly cheaper and if you don’t mind having this functionality, it is recommended that you do consider buying a fridge that comes with it.

In the event that you can’t be bothered by having an icemaker and would like to save your bucks to buy something else, you can get a French door refrigerator without icemaker, although the choices are very limited.


What are the best French door refrigerators without icemaker?

Selecting a French door refrigerator without icemaker is a no-brainer. Most of the aspects of a refrigerator that have or don’t have an icemaker are the same. You’re just crossing out one feature, which is the icemaker. To put it simply, just select a French door refrigerator without an icemaker. It shouldn’t be a trouble.

If you still wonder how to select a French door refrigerator without icemaker, the answer is, don’t wonder, and just buy the one that doesn’t come with the feature. Plain simple. Some of the refrigerators worth checking are:


Kitchenaid KBFS20EVMS Counter-Depth French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator 19.8 cu. ft.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Kenmore 50049 25 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Ice Maker with Window in Black, includes delivery and hookup
  • Item includes room of choice delivery, unboxing, item hook-up and free optional haul-away at checkout
  • 25 cubic feet of interior space, adjustable easy-to-clean glass shelving. Gallon door bins and a humidity-controlled clear crisper bin give you tons of storage and organization options throughout the fridge
  • The in-door Dual Pad ice and water dispenser puts fresh water right in your glass, no button fumbling required. The ice dispenser has a clear built-in window so you can keep tabs on ice levels. A built-in water filter reduces water contaminants


This French door refrigerator is a bit small when it comes to storage capacity with only 19.8 cu. ft. This is recommended for small families starting out.

If you are a family of four or more, consider getting a bigger fridge that is about 25 cu. ft. or larger. However, if you don’t intend to put much into the fridge, this is great as it saves you a great deal of energy. The counter depth of this fridge would also fit between most standard sized cabinets and counters to give you that built-in look.


LG LFC20770ST Energy Star Rated 30″ 19.7 Cu. Ft. Freestanding French Door Refrigerator with Multi-Air Flow Cooling System, Digital Temperature Controls, and 4 Temperature Sensors in Stainless Steel

LG LFC21776D 20.9 Cu. Ft. Black Stainless French Door Refrigerator LFC21776D
  • Total (cu. Ft.): 20.9 / Fridge: 14.7 / Freezer: 6.2
  • Glide N
  • Multi-Air Flow Technology / LED Digital Controls


This fridge has LED interior lighting and humidity control shelves that keep your food items fresh and crisp. Temperatures are controlled electronically/digitally.

It also has multi airflow technology vents that keeps the air circulating inside so none of your food will go stale. The glass shelves are full tempered, which makes it easy to access and clean. The crisper drawer also glides so you can get your stuff inside much faster, without having to take out pieces of items one by one.

The size is just perfect and can fit most kitchens, although as previously mentioned, might be to small for a big family.


Electrolux EI23BC30KS IQ-Touch 22.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator – Energy Star

FPBG2277RF | Frigidaire Professional Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator - Stainless Steel
  • PureAir Ultra(R) Filtration System: Fresh air offers great taste. PureAir(R) Filtration removes up to 7 times more odor than baking soda to keep ingredients tasting fresh.
  • SpacePro Shelving System: Offers quick access to fresh ingredients with organizational solutions designed for space optimization like SpacePro Slide-Under & Flip-Up Shelves and SpacePro Ajdustable Crisper Bins.
  • Smudge-Proof Stainless Steel: Resists fingerprints and cleans easily.


This refrigerator has PureAdvantage Filtration System that allows filtered air to circulate throughout the interior of the refrigerator to prevent odor and keep food and water fresh.

The Luxury-Glide Cool Zone Drawer keeps the contents chilled, which makes it perfect for drinks like soda, beer, wine, and juice. The control panels are located on the sides of the refrigerator. This IQ-Touch panel displays options all the time. The interior is lighted by LED bulbs to keep the contents clearly visible.

Key Takeaway: It’s difficult to find French door refrigerators that don’t come with an icemaker. For reference, not all that we have listed above don’t completely rid of the icemaker, but instead, only changes the positioning. For instance, all the above products don’t have a water dispenser and icemaker set up on the door; instead the icemaker is hidden inside.


Why do you need a French door refrigerator with icemaker?

For those who are willing to shed some extra cash for this awesome feature but are not convinced yet, read through:

Gone are the days when you have to freeze ice cubes in the freezer or buy them from the store to place in your freezer when you need to. Icemakers are a great addition to any French door refrigerators because it instantly provides you ice whenever you want.

Ice cubes are great because you’ll always want it in your drink, whether it is juice, soda, or whiskey. Having an icemaker also scraps the waiting time for the water to freeze, so you’ll have access to ice cubes all throughout the day. Not to mention, the hassle of putting water into the freezer is completely gone.

The difference of a French door refrigerator that doesn’t have an icemaker is very minimal compared to those that come with it. It’s a great feature, so do get it even if you don’t plan on using it too much. It won’t affect the overall performance of your refrigerator anyway.

If you get bothered by the fact that icemakers installed on the front door take up a bit of storage space inside, then don’t get one that has that kind of positioning. Many manufacturers opt to hide the icemakers inside, which saves a lot of space.

Key Takeaway: Almost all models of French door refrigerator come with an icemaker and you can’t blame the manufacturer because it’s the type that most people look for, especially the one where the icemaker is installed inside rather than mounted on the door of the fridge.

This is because the price difference is minimal and there are a lot of perks of having an icemaker, especially during warm summer months.



If you have extra cash to spare, make sure to get an icemaker for your French door refrigerator. However, it’s still up to you and if you really hate this feature, then you can opt to get a French door refrigerator without icemaker. Take note that it might be difficult to search for this as most new models contains tons of features to impress the consumer.

The price change is really minimal that you won’t even notice it. The function of the fridge is also not swayed whether you have the icemaker feature or not.

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